Cavalex JYA Unbranded Foster Yeoman Livery - OO Gauge - Single inner - (Running number 3280)

Cavalex JYA Unbranded Foster Yeoman Livery - OO Gauge - Single inner - (Running number 3280)

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Please note this product is available for pre-order with expected delivery Summer 2024. Please follow our social media and subscribe to our emails for updates. 

The full balance for this pack will be  £49.99 - you are able to reserve a pack today for £14.99, and we will send an invoice to pay the balance (either by credit card or PayPal) shortly before delivery. Alternatively there is the option to pay upfront if you prefer. 

Pack contains 1 single inner wagon. Running number 3280 in unbranded livery. 

Note that this inner wagon has proprietary couplings at both ends, and run with the separately available outer wagons - they do not couple directly to other rolling stock. 

About the Foster Yeoman PHA/JYA

The 61 wagons were built by Orenstein & Koppel at their Dortmund works in Germany and introduced in 1988, to meet the expanding business and upgrading of the Foster Yeoman Torr works quarry, for use out of Merehead stone terminal. They were designed to be as short as possible, to give the maximum payload in the shortest possible train length and were a similar size to the successful PTA wagons then in use by Foster Yeoman and ARC, as they were then known.

The TOPS code was changed in 1990 to JYA, but took some time to appear on all wagons. There has been one livery change, around 1997, when the original side plates with the word YEOMAN and big Y logo on were removed from all wagons and replaced with a single plate, which had the Y logo and YEOMAN name on the same plate. The basic Silver grey colour has remained (apart from repair repaints which were mainly grey) but the logo plates have been gradually removed over the years, leaving the wagons looking decidedly grubby in appearance!

About our model

The Cavalex PHA/JYA wagons will be produced to the same high standard of finish as the highly regarded PGA and recently arrived TEA bogie tank wagons and will incorporate similar levels of detail. 

Both inner and outer wagons have been modelled, and we are producing models in the original Foster Yeoman livery (1980s to late 1990s), revised "Big Y" livery (1997 to mid 2010s) and the later unbranded variety (2000s onwards). 

 The wagon will incorporate the following features:

  • Highly detailed underframe
  • Zinc alloy chassis
  • Easy conversion to P4/EM, with 26mm axles used as standard
  • NEM coupling pockets
  • Sprung buffers at one end for outer wagons
  • Working knuckle couplers with uncoupling bar for inner wagon ends
  • A wealth of separately fitted parts to recreate this highly detailed wagon